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Food Futures understand the role of the restaurant and catering industry in shaping diets, health and food choices, in supporting growers, producers and distributors and in reducing the environmental impact of food, including waste.

There is a real opportunity to improve public health by encouraging catering businesses to provide and promote healthier food choices and to do it without compromising on taste or profitability.

Truly Good Food is an award scheme designed to recognise and reward eating establishments that are providing healthy, sustainable food.

Truly Good Food is unique in its approach as it recognises businesses across the restaurant and catering industry - from fine dining, to cafes and delis, and workplace canteens.

All venues are assessed in the context of their own market – we’re looking for restaurants and food companies that are doing something over and above ‘the norm’ in their market.


UPDATE JULY 2016 - The Truly Good Food scheme is currently under review and not accepting new applications.