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The Food Futures strategy , programme of work and partnership is led by a team within the Public Health Team in Manchester (formally the Joint Health Unit), located in Manchester Health and Care Commissioning .

The work to be done to improve food in the city is considerable and as the staff resource allocated to the coordination team is limited, the current and future success of Food Futures lies in the strength of the partnership.

The approach we take given limited human resources is pragmatic, flexible and collaborative. It is underpinned by four principles:

1. We are responsive to the needs of the local population and community groups. We focus on encouraging, supporting and facilitating projects and activities in local areas. This acts both as an effective method of building interest in food in the city and as a good indication of the overall interest in food.

2. We are opportunistic and capitalise on favourable or complimentary work streams that emerge from public services, such as the Healthy Weight Strategy and the Climate Change Action Plan , to progress relevant topic based interventions to improve food.

3. We seek to shape the activity of statutory and community partners in a way that helps to progress the vision , aims and objectives of the strategy.

4. We committed to understanding, building on and sharing the evidence base to design approaches to meet identified needs.